Showing Skin

The workshop teaching you to feel confident wearing anything...or nothing at all. 


Will you be doing nude photoshoots by the end of this workshop? No, but you will...

Stop talking yourself out of wearing that body-con dress you love.

Wear crop tops without letting purity culture shame you into something "more modest"

Become your own hype woman and know the right way to talk yourself up every time you step out in a new 'fit.

more than that, you'll see the double standard in beauty that makes it hard being a woman.

What if that voice in your head didn't control your *entire* life?

Showing Skin 

Get that "she can wear anything!" confidence.

Here’s we cover in 90 minutes:

  • The Two Traps set for women by our culture and how to know which one you're stuck in

  • Language Hacking to stop negative thought spirals

  • How to use body sovereignty to start showing skin without second guessing yourself

Today's price: just $29


Meet your teacher.

I’m Rebekah Buege. I’ve been helping women build body confidence since 2017. Through my top-rated podcast, online programs, and private coaching, I clean up the mental clutter telling you a hot body is your ticket to happiness.

This workshop is the starting point if you want to rebuild the relationship with your body.

Showing Skin

Get that "no makeup" confidence.

You're 90 minutes away from:

  • feeling adventurous the next time you get dressed

  • giving yourself permission to skip shaving this week

  • actually wearing shorts when it's hot outside

Today's price: just $29